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Diebenkorn: Small Paintings from Ocean Park

Diebenkorn: Small Paintings from Ocean Park
Text: Dore Ashton
48 pages, 15 illustrations (14 in color), 1985
Houston Fine Art Press, Hine Incorporated


The now-celebrated Ocean Park paintings on cigar-box lids: this was the first volume to discover and present these privately-done paintings. This exquisite book presented each of thirteen works by Diebenkorn that he painted between 1976 and 1979 on cedar boards and cigar-box lids. These works comprise a distinct group but alsp offer a unique view, in miniature, of the range and unity of the entire Ocean Park series.

Reproduced almost exact size, though small in scale, they have the same sense of space and light of his large canvases while possessing the intimacy of an illuminated manuscript. It is no wonder therefore that this book is so popular.
Museum Books,The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, November, 1987