Mr. Salle has created a sequence of seven large scale printed editions of great beauty,
gravity, and consequence. These are the artist’s first sustained undertakings in printmaking
in twenty-five years, and he has directed all the weight of his prodigious experience
to their making.

The project proceeded during five years of continuous studio collaboration, proofing, adjusting,
reproofing, and consulting. The artist hand painted sixty additive layers resulting in 570 color
separations. The seven lithographs are triumphs of painterly syntax applied to the lithography
process; the dynamics, rhythms, shapes, visual rhymes, and wide-ranging historical tributes
raise these lithographs to an unprecedented level of achievement.

The ambition behind the new suite is to create prints that rival the artist’s paintings
in their presence, scale, nuance and impact. Both painter and printer wanted to explore
the limits of the graphic medium. Indeed, the resulting prints are highly layered
and sophisticated.

                                                        Sarah Kirk Hanley, Art in Print, March-April, 2015

Conceptually, in his approach to painting, Salle is a collagist. He quotes a set of disparate
images and layers them, creating both attention to surface and illusions of depth.

                                                        Nan Rosenthal, National Gallery of Art

I had the idea that they were pictures of a man looking at a woman looking at a man…
His are pictures that posit a man’s consciousness in relation to a woman’s consciousness.

                                                        Sherrie Levine, artist